How to increase the phpMyAdmin Import file size Limit

All of us are using mostly phpMyAdmin to work with the MySQL database and Most of us are using XAMPP or WAMP to do PHP programming. By Default in the server import file size limit  is set to 2 MB only. But in most cases this won’t help you to upload a bulk database such as Magento or any other CMS.

It is really important to increase the import file size limit of the phpMyAdmin when you try to upload a large database.

To increase it, all you have to do is edit the php.ini file which is present in the XAMPP folder or WAMP folder.

Easy way to find the php.ini file is to go to the XAMPP or WMAP folder and use the Windows Search to find the file.

In my case I’m using XAMPP and the folder is in C: drive. Here is the screen shot how I usually search for the php.ini file




Open the php.ini file and find the string called ‘upload_max_filesize‘  and ‘post_max_size‘ one by one.

By default it is been set to ‘upload_max_filesize=2M‘ and ‘post_max_size =8M

where 2M is 2 MB and 8M is 8 MB

After you change the values in php.ini file save it and close it. Then restart your XMAPP server. This is very important otherwise the changes won’t affect.

You have successfully increased the phpMyAdmin Import file size limit to 100 MB. Now you can be able to upload 100 MB of SQL file into phpMyAdmin easily. Enjoy the day!


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