Learn how to disable the power button on keyboard!

Yes, I know it is really annoying when you accidentally press the ‘Power’ button will shut down your system without asking any question to you right?.

You may have to lose your data when you are typing a document or editing a video or writing a programming or anything else. Don’t think of just pluck out the button and throw from your keyboard.

There is an option to disable the Power Button through Windows Control panel. I’m using Win 8. There is no much difference between Win 8 and Win 7.  So, you can follow these  steps:

1. Go to control panel:




1. Open ‘Hardware and Sound’



3. Under the “Power Options” -> Open “Change what the power button do” as shown below:



4. Click the drop down aside the “When I press the power button” -> change it from “Shut down” to “Do nothing”:


Click “Save changes” . That’s it. No need to worry about the button again. Press the button as much as time possible, nothing will happen. Enjoy the day!

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