PHP program to Find Magic Number

In this post, I am writing a small PHP program to find the Magic number. A magic number is a number in which the iterative process of summing its digits eventually leads to a single-digit number, and that single-digit number is 1.

Here’s a simple PHP program to find whether a given number is a magic number or not:

In this program, the isMagicNumber() function takes a number as an argument and iteratively sums its digits until a single-digit number is obtained. The process continues until the single-digit number is 1 or less. If the final single-digit number is 1, the original number is a magic number.

You can change the value of $numberToCheck to test different numbers. If the number is a magic number, the program will output that it’s a magic number; otherwise, it will indicate that it’s not.

Hope this program helps you to learn the concepts of PHP and also to find the magic number using PHP language.

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