PHP Script to print Fibonacci series


Friends, This is another school / college script for you. This php program could be useful for the Freshers who are searching for job as well.

Thing you will learn from the above program will be: How to get… Continue Reading


JavaScript Print Pattern (Right angled Triangle)


Okay Friends! Today we are going to see another interesting pattern program which is in pure JavaScript. The output of the below program will be something like this: Let’s see the script how to print the right angled triangle using… Continue Reading


jQuery script to count the number of characters in a textbox


Hello friends, In this tutorial you are going to see how to write a jQuery script which should display the no. of characters entered in a textbox realtime. This script could be very much useful if you want show the… Continue Reading


Java program to count the number of occurrences of a character in a string!


  Hello friends and dear programmers, today we are going to write a Java program which will count the number of occurrence of a character in a string. Let’s see the code:

Read the comments in the script to… Continue Reading