Node.js – Validate Email address using RegExp or Validator Package

In Node.js, you can validate email addresses using regular expressions or by using specialized libraries. Here’s an example of how to validate an email address using a regular expression:

This function validateEmail uses a regular expression to check if the provided email address matches the pattern. However, keep in mind that this regex may not cover all edge cases of valid email addresses and might incorrectly reject some valid addresses or accept some invalid ones.

Alternatively, you can use npm libraries like validator or email-validator to perform email validation. Here’s how you can use the validator library:

First, install the validator package using npm:

Then, you can use it in your Node.js application:

This code uses the isEmail function from the validator library to validate the email address. This method provides a more comprehensive validation compared to a simple regular expression.

Using a library like validator is generally recommended because it handles edge cases better and is more likely to keep up with changes in email address standards.

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