Learn how to Open New Instance of VLC player Everytime

VLC player is becoming the most used Video player when comparing the other video players in the past few years and this player helps us to play all kind of videos without installing any extra video and audio plugins.

In this post I’m going to explain how to open multiple instance of VLC player basically to play multiple different videos in different instance of VLC player.

This helps you to open and play other videos while you are watching already a movie in it.

Lets see how we can open multiple video in VLC player:

Open VLC Player first:

Then go to ‘Tools->Preferences‘ or Press CTRL + P to open Preferences



In the Preferences screen you can see an option called ‘Allow only one instance‘ under ‘Instances‘ section. By Default this is activated (checked).

Uncheck the above option and click ‘Save’ button.

After you save the option, you can open multiple instances of VLC player without any problem.  Look at the below screen shot for an instance:

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