How to Reset WordPress Password from phpMyAdmin

Do you forget your password? or Forget password option in wp-admin not helping you?

Then at least you should have database server phpMyAdmin access to change your password. WordPress uses MySQL database and the usernames, passwords are stored in a table called ‘wp_users’ or ‘anyprefix_user’.

So first login to your phpMyAdmin and find the table ‘wp_users’ or ‘anyprefix_user‘ then click the link to open the table, you will see the list of usernames and passwords like this:


See the above screen shot marked in green where ‘user_pass‘ is the column you have to edit.

You may be in doubt seeing the above screen shot how can I edit this random characters and numbers?. Don’t worry it is the encoded format of your previous password (MD5).

So how to edit it?

Click the edit (pencil) button -> change the password in ‘user_pass‘ -> select MD5 in the column Function drop down as shown below:

Then what else save the data and return to your wp-admin to login with your new password. Enjoy!


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