How to change username in WordPress!

When we install WordPress sometimes we forget to give our own username!! when we do so, wordpress will take default username as ‘admin’.

Once you all installed and when you tried to change the username in the wp-admin you will see a message right after the text box “Usernames cannot be changed”.

So, how do you change the username if WordPress doesn’t allow you to??

There is always a way to do, But you should have database access ie., PhpMyAdmin. If you have this then no one can stop you changing the wordpress username!!

First login to your phpMyAdmin then find a table called ‘wp_users‘, (NOTE: Your prefix might be different, so basically prefix_user table).

You will see the below details:


the one you want is change is marked in green!.

Just click the edit button of the row and change the username as your wish. Enjoy the day!

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