Perl web script to find a string is Palindrome or not

In this tutorial we are going to see how to write a Perl program to check the entered string is Palindrome or not.

What you will learn from this program?

1. Removing space between words in Perl.
2. Removing special characters from a string in Perl.
3. Changing string to lowercase in Perl.
4. How to reverse a string in Perl.
5. Comparing two strings in Perl.

Basically, Palindrome is a word or sequence that reads backward as forwards.

These are the example phrases,

1. Madam
2. No lemon, no melon.
3. Civic
4. Nurses run
5. Madam, I’m Adam

So all we have to do is reverse the string and compare it with the original string, if both are equal then it is a Palindrome.

Here is the Perl web script to find a string is a Palindrome or not:

The code is self-explanatory, just read the comments in the program to understand it step by step.

Enjoy coding!

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