Perl CGI script to find vowels in a String

This is another interesting Perl script which accepts a word or a sentence, basically a string and returns the number of vowels present in the string.

What all you will learn from this script?

1. Embedding HTML form in Perl script.
2. How to check a web form is submitted in Perl?
3. String to Lowercase.
4. Finding length of the string.
5. Array in Perl CGI
6. Converting a string into an array.
7. How to For loop in Perl?
8. Writing a custom function to search array values

The above said stuffs are very important in Perl CGI scripting, this program covers all of the above, so you are not only learning how to find vowels but also all other important functions in Perl.

Here is the entire script:

The code is self explanatory, read the comments in the script to understand it well.

Here is the live demo of this script:


Enjoy learning. Good luck!

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