What is an EPUB File and How to open it?


I asked my Friend to send an eBook to me. Last night he sent to me and I received the file in my Email and it was a ZIP file.

After I download it and unzipped I was little confused because the file I saw was with an Extension called ‘epub‘. I could able to recognize the extension E-PUB should be Electronic – Publication. But the actual is Open Publication eBook file.

Then, I tried to open that file in Windows 8 and it failed because It needed a software to open.

How to open the file:

To open the file, all you need is to install a software, ie., Adobe Digital Editions

Just download and install this file in your system, Adobe Digital Edition is available for both MAC and Windows OS.

I’m using Windows, So I have downloaded Windows version which the size is  (5.78 MB)

How does the Software look like:

Here is the screen shot of this Adobe Digital Edition

Adobe Digital Edition

The above screen shot shows how the Adobe Digital Edition software look like and it comes with a default eBook which provided you the Information about the Software.


Where else this file can be opened?

This file can be opened in any eBook readers such as Amazon Kindle, Sony Reader etc.,


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