25 Telugu Words through English | Part 2 | Learn Telugu through English

Here is a list of useful 25 Telugu words to learn. These Telugu words are used in daily life conversations. This is Part 2 of this Telugu language tutorial series. You can find Part 1 by visiting this link: https://wp.me/p3nZh6-tk

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S.No English Telugu
26 Toy Bomma
27 Laugh Navvu
28 Right now IppuDe
29 Large Peddadi
30 Small Chinnadi
31 Dog Kukka
32 Cow Aavu
33 Fly Eega
34 Words Padaalu
35 Sentence Vaakyam
36 Bride PeLLikooturu
37 Bridegroom PeLLikoDuku
38 Always EllappuDu
39 Careful Jagratta
40 Ask ADugu
41 Tell Cheppu
42 A lot Chaala
43 Far / Distance Dooram
44 House Illu
45 Work Pani
46 But Kaani
47 Mine Naadi
48 Speak MaatlaaDu
49 Up Paina
50 Down Kinda

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