25 Telugu Words through English | Part 1 | Learn Telugu through English

Here is a list of useful 25 Telugu words to learn. These Telugu words are used in daily life conversations. This is Part 1 of this Telugu language tutorial series.

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1 Today Iroju
2 Yesterday Ninna
3 Tomorrow Repu
4 Everyday Prathiroju
5 Day Roju
6 Journey Prayaanam
7 Some Konni
8 Little Konchem
9 Buy Konadam
10 Good Manchi
11 It’s okay Paravaaledu
12 Yes Avunu
13 No Kaadhu
14 Which? Edhi?
15 What? Emi?
16 Where? Ekkada?
17 When? Eppudu?
18 For what? Endhukku?
19 How? Etlu?
20 Who? Yavaru?
21 How many? Enni?
22 How much? Entha?
23 Book Pusthakamu
24 Time Samayam
25 Meals Bhojanam

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