PHP Program to find Quotient & Remainder

Let’s write a simple PHP Program to find the Quotient & Remainder. Before writing the program, let’s see a small example of what is a Remainder and a Quotient in mathematics.

Here is an example:
45           ÷         7           =           6           and           3
Dividend Divisor Quotient Remainder

In the above example, 45 is the Dividend, 7 is the Divisor, 6 is the Quotient and 3 is the Remainder.

So the remainder is the “left over” value after dividing one integer by another. Quotient is the quantity produced by the division of 2 integers.

In PHP we can achieve the same with / and %, for eg:
quotion = dividend / divisor -> will give the quotient
remainder = dividend % divisor -> will give the remainder

Let’s write a Simple PHP Script to find the Remainder & Quotient dynamically:


Just go through the above code to understand how it works.

You can see the demo of the above PHP script here: 



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