PHP program to Convert Fahrenheit to Celsius

This script is basically apt for School / College students or Newbies who are willing to do the same kind of script which they learned from C programming.

All of us know Basic C program learners should be gone through this kind of programs pretty well, Such as Convert Fahrenheit to Celsius, Addition, Multiplication, etc.,

So, This tutorial is about to teach you a similar kind of Program “Convert Fahrenheit to Celsius” in PHP.

The formula is pretty simple:

This is not a Console program, PHP is a web programming language. So, to get the input, you should always use HTML Web Form.

Let’s see the entire script. Well, read the comments to understand what is happening:

Code Snippet (with comments):

Code Snippet (without comments):

I have given “with Comments” and “without Comments”, you can take any one of the above code and paste it in your favorite editor then run the script. Enjoy the Day!

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