PHP program to compare Two Strings!

In this post, you will learn how to compare two strings in PHP. It’s really simple to compare strings in PHP and also there are multiple ways you can compare strings in PHP. So without wasting our time let’s see how to do it.

1. Method 1: PHP Snippet to compare strings using === (triple equals): 

Method 1 is very simple, compare both the string using (===) triple equals if both the strings are equal then it is true otherwise it is false. So the return value is boolean here.

2. Method 2: PHP Snippet to compare strings using strcmp():

Method 2 is slightly different from the (===) triple equals operator because the return for strcmp() is not a boolean instead it is an integer. So, if the return value strcmp() is 0 then both the strings are equal otherwise not equal.

Let’s write another useful PHP example with a form so we can get the strings from the user to compare them and print the result. Also, we will use the bootstrap CSS to create the form so the look and feel will be much better.

You can check the demo of the above script here:


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