Learn how to load an external website in a html page

This tutorial shows you how to load an external website with a simple HTML tag which you may have already heard but not used much. Do you guess which tag I’m talking about??

Don’t think of iframe, I am not going to use iframe here, is there anything in your mind?

Okay, let me tell you there is another HTML tag which can be used to load any external content such as website, pdf, flash etc., I think you guessed it already, yes it is the <object> tag which is going to help us to load an external website into our html page.

Lets see an example here:

Copy paste the above code in notepad and save it as a html page and then open in a browser to see the result.

Do you know? – You can also use jQuery to load external website with the same <object> tag. Click here to see how to do it!!


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