Learn How to save ftp details in Filezilla client

If you are newbie programmer you should be using FTP clients such as Filezilla, WinSCP etc. In Filezilla client most of us know there is a quick connect history button which holds last 10 connections and we use it often to connect to different servers.

There is one more option where you can save as much as FTP details as possible. Many of us does not know this option in Filezilla.

Here is the steps how you can save username and password of different servers in Filezilla. Just see the below screen shots which will explain you easily:

To save a New FTP details:

1. File -> Site Manager (0r) CTRL + S


2. Click “New Site” button as shown below:


3. Then give a name to recognize the FTP details for the future:


4.  Give the Hostname in the column Host:
Then select Logon Type : Normal
Give Username and Password:


5. Then click ‘OK‘ to save the FTP details:



6. To access the FTP that you saved just follow the steps (click the icon as shown below):




7. Then click ‘Connect’  to connect to the Server that you saved:



That’s it. Its very simple right?


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