How to Remotely Sign out from your Gmail Account!

This post is going to teach how you can remotely Log Out from your Gmail account. There are many situation in life where you will open and check your Gmail account in different places. Often we do check our Gmail Accounts in Working Places like Office.

Because we are working more than 8 hours in the Office, we usually don’t Logout from Gmail account, only we Logout when we leave the Office.

But almost all of us have the habit of forget to Signout from Gmail most of the time when we leave the office, then we will call our colleagues / friends to Logout Gmail for us. But, this is fine when you don’t have any Sensitive Information in your Gmail. But, if you do have those then what to do?

Here is the solution for you. Gmail has provided the option to Signout your Gmail Account from anywhere you would like to, this will not only Signout your Gmail but also all of your Google Accounts (Gmail, G+, Blogger, Adsense etc.,) .

First go to your Gmail then Scroll down to the bottom of the page, you will see your Last account activity and Details.



Click the Details link and a window will open like below:


Click the ‘Sign out all other Sessions‘ , by doing this, you will be Signed Out from all places other than the current system you are working. 

I hope this tutorial could have helped you in a difficult  situation. Thanks for coming!

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