How to play Youtube Videos with VLC Media Player

This is my first post in this website and here we are going to see how to play YouTube Videos with VLC Media Player.
The main reason between the YouTube Player and the VLC player is that VLC player help you to watch YouTube videos with plenty of options.

Lets take an instance, you are playing a Letter Box video (4:3) and your Monitor is Widescreen (16:9). In YouTube, when you make it full screen you cannot change the Aspect ratio, so you will have to see the Black Border at the Left and Right side of the video, this annoys you most of the time. But in VLC Player you change the aspect ratio and it allows the video to occupy your entire monitor!!

You know the Other Benefits I guess, But still you can just have a look at this list, If you wish!

1. VLC player allows you to adjust the speed of the Video play.

2. It allows  you to play it on Loop.

3. You can avoid Annoying Pre-roll Ads!

4. VLC player allows you to change the Contrast and brightness of the Youtube Video while playing. (CTRL + E)

5. You can always have the video on top of the Other applications. (Video -> Always on Top)

And More…

Lets start playing YouTube videos in VLC Player.

First open YouTube and pick any of your favorite video and copy the URL of the Video from the Browser Address Bar.

Then, Open your VLC Player and Click Media and then Click Open Network Stream (or) Just press (CTRL + N).

You will get the below dialog box, paste the URL that you copied then just click the Play button to watch your favorite video in VLC Player:


Not only a single video. You can also play a playlist in VLC player. All you have to do is just copy and paste the Playlist URL instead of a Single Video URL.

In the Next tutorial we are going to see How to watch HD and other Low resolution (320p, 480p) Youtube videos in VLC Player.

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