English Conversation between Teacher and Student!

Here is a simple conversation between Teacher and student. 

Teacher: Good morning, Sarah. How are you today?

Student: Good morning, Mrs. Smith. I’m doing well, thank you.

Teacher: That’s great to hear. Can you tell me, how your weekend was?

Student: It was good. I went to the park with my family on Saturday and Sunday.

Teacher: That sounds like a lot of fun. Now, let’s get started on today’s lesson. We’ll be learning about the Civil War today. Who can tell me what the Civil War was about?

Student: The Civil War was about the North and South fighting over slavery and states’ rights.

Teacher: Excellent, Sarah. That’s exactly right. Now, can you tell me who the main leaders were on each side of the war?

Student: Sure, the North was led by President Abraham Lincoln, and General Robert E. Lee led the South.

Teacher: Excellent. That’s all for today. Great job, Sarah.

Student: Thank you, Mrs. Smith. Have a great day!

Teacher: You too, Sarah. See you tomorrow.

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