ADB Commands to Record Android Screen

There are some requirements you may need :

1. Your phone should have Android 4.4 Kitkat.
2. ADB drivers should be installed on your system. (DOWNLOAD Smallest ADB Driver)
3. Your phone driver should be installed on your system.
4. You should enable USB Debugging in your phone. (Learn how to enable USB Debugging on Android Phone)

To confirm everything is fine. Run the below command and see:

You will see the device serial number just like below :

These are the list of commands you can record your android screen: 

1. The basic command to record android screen is:

2. If you have connected more than one android device to the system, use the serial number to tell ADB which device to record:


The default recording time of the above commands are 3 minutes, and the video resolution depends on the phone, but no worries you can always customize them.

3. To extend the default 3 minutes recording to custom time, follow the below ADB command:

The time limit is in seconds, so the above command will record for 60 seconds, if you want to record 5 minutes, then you have to give 60 x 5  = 300


4. To reduce / increase the video file Size / Resolution, you can use the below command:

Basically video file size is based on the video bit rate and the video size (resolution) (320×640 etc.,)

a. default video (–bit-rate) is 4000000 bits (4Mbps)
b. default video resolution would depend on the phone resoultion (–size).

But, we can customize both of them, for eg.,

To cancel the record any time from the command prompt, press Ctrl + C

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