Python Factorial Program


This is a basic Python program which helps school and college students to improve their knowledge in Python. If you don’t know what is factorial, here is a small explanation, Multiplying given integer with the sequence of descending positive integers is called factorial.… Continue Reading


Factorial Program in PHP


This is another School / College fun program which is mostly been used in School lab to teach the basics of PHP such as if condition, for loop, multiplication, etc., So what is factorial? (if you don’t know already) Multiplying given integer with… Continue Reading


Java program to find IP Address of localhost


A simple Java Program to find the localhost IP Address of your System.

To find you need to import InetAddress package. Output of the program will be something like this, Your IP4 Address : agur/  


Read a file in Python and find number of Lines


Reading a file in Python is very simple, In this tutorial you are going to see how to read a file as well as count the number of lines in a text file in Python. See the code here:

Looks… Continue Reading