Meaning of 'Everything is fine?' in Hindi is 'Sab theek hai?'

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1 What are you reading these days? Aajkal aap kya padh rahe hain?
2 I will send him to you Main usay tumhare pass bhej doonga
3 You may go now, I have some work to do Ab tum jaao, mujhe kuch kaam hai
4 I have changed my mind Meney apna iraada badal diya
5 I always have a lot of work to do Mujhe bahut kaam rehta hai
6 Where do you want to go? Aapko kahaan jana hai?
7 Everything is fine? Sab theek hai?
8 I like play football Mujhe football khelna pasand hai
9 I love you Main tumse pyar karta hoon
10 Happy birthday! Janamdin mubarak ho!
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