How to find IP Address of a website in Windows


It’s very easy to find IP address of a website in windows, all you have to do is to open the command prompt and type the following commands (either one of them): Syntax 1: nslookup <yoursitename.com> Example¬†1: nslookup tutorialsmade.com Syntax… Continue Reading


Learn how to disable the power button on keyboard!

Yes, I know it is really annoying when you accidentally press the ‘Power’ button will shut down your system without asking any question to you right?. You may have to lose your data when you are typing a document or… Continue Reading


How to check DirectX version in Windows 8/7/Vista/XP

DirectX are playing a major role in Multimedia applications such as Games, Videos, HD Videos, 3D Rendering etc., Especially those who are playing games this is very important to render 3D games smoothly as well as get a crystal quality… Continue Reading