PHP Script to print Diamond Star Pattern!


Hi Students, let’s have another program for you!. Print Diamond star pattern using PHP Script. See the demo here:

Output of the above program will be something like this:  


PHP script to Find Days between two Dates!


Today’s script will be much useful to you and i hope interesting as well. ie., PHP Script to find days between two selected dates. Let’s see the PHP script (find_days() function):

Read the comments in the script to understand it.… Continue Reading


PHP Script to print Fibonacci series


Friends, This is another school / college script for you. This php program could be useful for the Freshers who are searching for job as well.

Thing you will learn from the above program will be: How to get… Continue Reading


Java program to count the number of occurrences of a character in a string!


  Hello friends and dear programmers, today we are going to write a Java program which will count the number of occurrence of a character in a string. Let’s see the code:

Read the comments in the script to… Continue Reading